Hi there! 

My name is Elise Dimick, or Treeeelise,  and I am a multidisciplinary artivist with a passion for change!


 I have always put my energy towards environmental and public health, gender equality, 

 and community spirit. At  UC Berkeley I  created a major called Art for Environmental Education, with which I explored children's educational art, documentary making, and graphic design. I was involved in CalSlam Poetry, and created a (currently dormant) blog called Women With Words to share my poetry about sexual assault and empowerment issues. To contribute to school spirit I started a shop called The Bear Cave where I designed and sold bear themed stickers and t-shirts to students and faculty on campus! In my last semester I brought together my passions for art, change, and community by starting a student organization for "ARTIVISM" called BerkTown Buzz! 

Post graduation I envision a life full of exciting art projects!

I am looking to work/freelance for equitable companies, work in science communication, and of course continue my art practice and stores. 

If you are interested in working with me, or booking a commission, collaboration, or mural, please email: 



Cheers to a better world! 

With peace, 


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